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Monday, February 06, 2012

Lifes little setbacks

Although I do not maintain this blog in any way it still acts as a place I can come and write a few thoughts down,unlike facebook for instance where potential employers find it fascinating to trawl through the garbage can of you daily life.Having said that it still remains a relatively anonymous place to post for people.The point i'm getting at (albeit slowly) is that i've had a mosquito borne virus for the last four weeks that has left me shattered and nailed to the couch.As an athlete pain can be a companion that is tolerated to achieve your goals,no athlete gets anywhere without laying it on the line.In my case the push through the pain attitude will not get me anywhere , so it is a large dose of rest and even larger dose of patience required.If your intrigued on how it feels,think of the longest training day you have ever done and the leg weariness that comes with that,add  a few swollen joints and a knife in the back and you get the picture.I have had to roll out of bed (painfully),then crawl to the door jam to raise my body with my arms.Is there any message here...not really ,although i'm learning that mosquito borne diseases are many, and more common that i realised,there are no magic pills,only painkillers.I hope to be active again within the month ,but spare a thought for those with ross river,dengue,or barmah forest,they can be disabled for years.Glad I got this off my chest as I feel pretty helpless and isolated,not to mention BORED!!  

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Damo From Ocean Feather said...

Hey mate, sorry to read about this - how are you now a few months down the track? Did you make a good recovery? Damo