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Monday, February 06, 2012

Lifes little setbacks

Although I do not maintain this blog in any way it still acts as a place I can come and write a few thoughts down,unlike facebook for instance where potential employers find it fascinating to trawl through the garbage can of you daily life.Having said that it still remains a relatively anonymous place to post for people.The point i'm getting at (albeit slowly) is that i've had a mosquito borne virus for the last four weeks that has left me shattered and nailed to the couch.As an athlete pain can be a companion that is tolerated to achieve your goals,no athlete gets anywhere without laying it on the line.In my case the push through the pain attitude will not get me anywhere , so it is a large dose of rest and even larger dose of patience required.If your intrigued on how it feels,think of the longest training day you have ever done and the leg weariness that comes with that,add  a few swollen joints and a knife in the back and you get the picture.I have had to roll out of bed (painfully),then crawl to the door jam to raise my body with my arms.Is there any message here...not really ,although i'm learning that mosquito borne diseases are many, and more common that i realised,there are no magic pills,only painkillers.I hope to be active again within the month ,but spare a thought for those with ross river,dengue,or barmah forest,they can be disabled for years.Glad I got this off my chest as I feel pretty helpless and isolated,not to mention BORED!!  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lifes crazy journey

The aussies didn't happen for me this year.I have been sent up the country to work on a gas pipeline.Work is pre occupiing all my time and rest has been pretty important recently.Early on in the stint I was running 7-8 kms on a treadmill in the gym but that has fallen away the last week due to a 13hr day on my feet,7 days a week.I have read a few books recently,most notably Born to run by Chris McDougall,about mexican Indians who have incredible running stamina  and do it all in sandals.Barefoot running appeals to me as i believe shoes tend to weaken our feet,but currently i'm barefoot only when i'm sleeping!Living im camp also reminds me just how much simple pleasures like feeling the wind in your hair on a cool morning on your bike or duck diving that first wave on your surfboard are worth....Gold!!!  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trial and error

Havent been up to much the last 2 weeks as i have been on night shift 12 hrs a day,add to that 2 hrs of driving,and that doesnt leave a lot for anything else.Having said that I have entered state and aussie titles at the last minute,not so much to achieve a great result but to see how the body is going to react.Hey,the job should be finished by then so a few days laying on the beach between races may be quite enjoyable.Its also a chance to go and find a second hand surfski .  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun in the sun

Well today I went for a training session at tallebudgera,dropped the boys off and enjoyed my guilty pleasure of a midweek paddle.Unfortunately things didnt go to plan.The surf was up around 3-4ft on the high tide and even still it was dumping on the bank.I got out ok after a long wait between sets and paddled to north burliegh,I even got to see Luke Egan knock out some big snaps in some comp at burliegh point on the way home.Yes an awesome morning for a paddle.I knew there was something going on with the ski as the foot pedal had come loose last week but didnt seem ready to fall apart.Unfortunately it did right as was aproaching the break coming back in.I did a big circle with the ski as the control factor was getting harder to handle bigtime.Ok i had a good go trying to maneouvre in on a small one and nearly made it before I crabbed to the left.As I was side on and stoppped the next wave loomed so i bailed out.Normally in this position you grab the foot strap and cling for dear life,hoping your arms dont get reefed from the socket,but this time I thought what the hell ,the damn things unsteerable anyway so i let go,expecting it to wash back to shore.Not today.The wave just picked it up and dumped it,it went only 4 or 5 metres and then the next one pushed it all the way to shore.no biggie ,i thought and proceeded to swim home,in that ridicules one armed fashion with a paddle in hand,it should be called the swim of shame.When I got to the ski both pedals were kaput and I checked the hull to see half a dozen holes where the internal frame had punched through the laminate.The bright side is my surfclub can part subsidise a new one and hopefully a faster one at that.So now i have no excuses not to get my running and paddleboarding up to scratch.I am linking up with some friends with a tri club to do some swim/running sessions so its nice to be able to train with someone else for a change,training on your own ALL THE TIME is very unmotivating ,not to mention anti social.Hammo

Friday, January 14, 2011

Back in black

Back from the christmas holidays...and a bit unfit.I dont think i have touched the ski since the gold although i would have liked to,but life has gotten in the way a lot.We started the road trip with a 100km diversion on day one,ironically through Toowoomba to avoid flood.From there we dodged rain for 7 days on our way to Orange.When you are on a road trip in a van with 2 under 5 year olds and a dog training takes a back seat.I Managed a 20km bike ride around the farmlands of orange which included a 250metre vertical climb of 7 percent at Mt Canobolas,quite steep in christmas paunch mode.Apart from that a nice 7km bushwalk with Wim to federal falls.Now after leaving orange for home this went pearshape with the nissan doing a clutch and flywheel leaving me stranded in Newcastle for 10 days with the kids and dog in a caravan whilst mum flew home.Exercise was out of the question except a few 1/2km run with the kids on there bikes.I hit the pool yesterday and knock out 1500metres,main set 5x100 on 1.45,swimming 1.25s,pretty pathetic but that where its at right nowApart from the tennis elbow thing i''m feeling fine and looking forward to the year ahead although with times like that the aussies are looking remote but never say never!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


....Is just around the corner and this year we are heading to orange via the west of nsw.The will be no surfing this trip....oh maybe on the way home,but the boys will want to hit every bmx track in western nsw.I will be happy to do 1 trail run in the warrumbungle mountains outside coonabarabran.I went there as a child and remember it as truly spectacular

Monday, December 06, 2010

Music Music Music

Following my last entry my legs seem to have come good only to have me confront another injury,this time it seems to be tennis elbow.Im almost certain this has come about due to the work i was doing at the port loading the gas pipeline pipes onto the semi trailers as the action used to place the clamps on the pipes is very painful.I would say the movement was equivalent to a 60kg seated pull and was performed 100 times a night over maybe 1 dozen nights.I first noticed this pain about an hour into the gold but never really felt bad till 2weeks ago.Catherine, my lovely wife and I were going to the chiro for acupunture performed on the mcl problem so I had treatment for the tennis elbow also.The trigger points seemed to work for a few days, however it has seemed to returned with a vengence leaving me for the first time since i was a 15 year old pumping out 50km weekly pool sessions with a swimming related injury.what has this got to do with music?Well as an alternative to water sports, running and cycling are my options and these sports now have the wonderful ipod to fill in the junk miles.As I grew up in dirty old Newcastle a dose of good ol'hard rock will get me there on a lot of occasions{its a cultural thing I cant avoid}.I still think of Barnsy wearing that bloody khe shan headband and the old style Newcastle knights props with the same look,its a warrior thing.Todays run I had queens of the stoneage on the uphill section up through the tallai hills.The good side of this type of music is the hype and raw adrenal power that it can bring to your workout,the down side is like most adrenalin activities is that it cant be sustained.A good juxtaposition today was the Brian Eno and David Bryne album my life in the bush of ghosts,although one of the songs included a sound bite of an excorcism!Then again I guess thats what exercise is,an excorsism of all that is unused,weak and superflous,great album any way escecially on the long runs in springbrook national park.Anyway the technology keeps driving our pursuits and truly enhances the way we train nowdays compared to the 80s when we had sony walkman cassette players,took our pulse with our fingers and ran in those high tech kt26 runners.